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    This is when solid particles stick to one another, and while this is an undesirable feature in many powder and particle processing operations, it is essential for the successful sintering of iron ore fines, coke and fluxes into a suitable blast furnace feed.
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    This is a list of accidents and disasters by death shows the number of fatalities associated with various explosions, structural fires, flood disasters, coal mine disasters, and other notable accidents.
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    There are several ways in which you can be a part of the tata steel family: summer internship: at an average, over hundred students from engineering and management institutes who are about to embark on their final year of study are selected for summer internship by a combination of written tests, group discussions and personal interviews.
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    An octant, also called "reflecting quadrant", is a measuring instrument used primarily in is a type of reflecting instrument that uses mirrors to reflect the path of light to the observer and, in doing so, doubles the angle measured. this allows the instrument to use a one-eighth circle arc to measure a quarter circle or quadrant.

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    87144. 34231. 87110. 34231. 87144. 32220. 87110. complete ofo version 2017 ofo code description 2017-1 managers managers plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate the overall activities of enterprises, governments and other organizations, or of organizational units within them, and formulate and review their policies, laws, rules and regulations.
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    The special chemicals divisioncreated in 1968 to provide a better opportunity to develop the diverse marketing techniques required by certain product groups from the industrial chemicals division.