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  • Mini sandblasters: list of small micro sandblasters

    Yeah, i think it’s safe to suggest that people shouldn’t buy these air brush style sandblasters now. everyone, just buy a regular sandblaster size or a handheld one with a smaller tip. as kyle said above, the remote one is junk because i finally tried it. it looked promising. maybe i can improve it and make it into a mini pressure pot.
  • Ts-500 professional portable sandblaster

    Ts-500 portable sandblaster series can meet different requirements of customers and is widely applicable for sandblasting and cleaning big-sized work piece, like steel structure, ship building, steel plate, boiler, container, etc, also applicable for sandblasting treatment of jeans wear.
  • Sandblaster siphon equipment: information on syphon blasters

    A siphon system is the cheapest type of sandblaster setup. in fact, you can even make one yourself quite easily. a pressure pot can be made also, but it is a little more complex than the siphon blaster.. since the siphon type is very cheap, i would recommend that you buy one that is already manufactured.
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    Muds sae100r1at 37/16" id hose for sandblasting pot ... classic blast pot partssandblasting machines classic blast pot parts maintaining a quality machine requires continual upkeep with equal quality parts. due to the natural wear the machine and its parts undergo during the sandblasting process, certain parts will need to be replaced overtime.